Friday, February 4, 2011

The Anthro Exchange | Desperately Seeking | Welcome

Hey everyone! 

If you are desperately seeking an items(s), please post a comment so others can reply to you. Please make sure to leave your email for others to contact you.

If anyone has any leads, please either email the person seeking or leave a comment (others will be able to view this information as well).

Once you leave a comment, an email is sent to me, which will allow me to search through all the items before I post them on The Anthro Exchange. This gives you the chance to have first dibs on an item if you posted here before it gets posted for sale.

Thanks and hope you are enjoying your day!

I'm desperately seeking the following items...
1. Emcee Tee - Red Motif - XS
2. Tea Rose Belt - White - Small
3. Green Thumb Belt - Red - Small
4. Field Game Cardigan - Red or Grey - Small
5. Caranday Dress - 0 or 2 - Any color